Learn about me, Restup & my friend collaborators.

Hi, my name is Jonathan Kadima.

I have been working as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator since 2016. In 2018, I uncovered a deep-seated passion for Motion Design and began to pursue it with great fervor. I'm obsessed with geometric shapes, abstract & minimal designs that guide the viewers through without distractions.

Dual language I speak English & French. I was born in Kinshasa, DRC, but I am currently based in Johannesburg, RSA. My location never stops me from working with folks from different time zone.

When I'm away from my desktop. I enjoy watching animated shows, learning about new tech, and cooking to the sound of classical music.

About Restup Studio

Firstly, something I have done my whole career as an independent creative is that I never separate my brand and myself. I am a freelancer when I get gigs from agencies, as a studio from my direct clients I work with my collaborators to assist me in bringing the project to life.

Excellent design and motion can effectively direct the viewer's attention toward the intended message. I offer services to mainly tech-related companies. I specialize in the rapidly advancing Web3. However, I do not mind non-tech-related projects.


These are my friends who I admire for their amazing work Shanon Monyestware Freelance Writer; Daniele Prina Sound Designer & Co-founder @ Amplitudo Sound Agency; Alessandro Levrero Freelance Sound Designer; Justin Archer Motion Grapher & Founder @ Bashwax.